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Cutting Brushless Motor Wires

Often times the question of motor wires is asked. The exact wire in question is the three motor wires that exit the can of the motor. They can be up to several inches in length down to only an inch or so from the can of the motor. Many would like to know if it …

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RC Battery Connectors and Wire Gauge

RC Battery Connectors In the application of electric motors and batteries, connectors play a large role in transfering the battery power to the motor and through the ESC. Not only does it transfer power but it also must be able to break apart quickly for battery or motor replacements. Choosing the right kind of connector …

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Brushless Motor Poles – Radio Control Info

When one refers to How many poles an electric motor has, they are commonly referring to how many magnetic poles there are. Many often wonder the differences between motors having more or less poles. Here, we will focus on a brief discussion concerning Brushless motor magnetic poles. Main focus will be placed on In Runner …

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