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Are High Voltage LiPo (LiHV) Batteries Worth it?

High Voltage Battery Pack

Lithium based batteries are everywhere in RC. The performance that we are able to get out of these packs are incredible compared with all past battery technologies. Within the last few years a new style of LiPo based battery has emerged. It is known as the Lithium Polymer High Voltage battery pack. The pack is …

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What Kills a Brushless Motor – Current or Voltage

This may not be all that common, however, brushless motors can fail. There are many people out there that have seen this happen first hand.  What makes them fail electrically really only comes down to two parameters. Voltage and Current. In this article we will break down each parameter. Does a Motor Fail Electrically due …

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How RC Boats and EDF Jets can pull 120A+ reliably

RC boats and EDF jets come to mind when it comes to the top performance vehicles in RC and the most demanding on it’s components. Pulling 120A+ reliably is not as easy as plug and play. Especially if you are operating an RC that you had built. Even ready to run or fly RC’s have …

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Does a Brushless Motor Pull Power from the ESC?

Brushless Motor Draws Power from ESC

Understanding how power is created in an RC power system will allow you to build or operate a more reliable power system. Power is a difficult parameter for us to understand as we can not see it or hear it. The only way we can determine its presence is by measuring it. To answer our …

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Parallel Charging for RC LiPo Battery Packs

Parallel Charging Board consisting of balance taps and main charge lead

With the high performance applications that we are all after today, power consumption is about as great as it’s ever been in RC. Whether you are piloting an EDF jet, driving an RC Car or racing an RC fast electric boat a 100 amp power draw is not uncommon. With this much power being drawn, …

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