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The Radio Control Info Fast Electric Boat Calc.

Here you will find the best RC Boat Calculator on the internet! Use this Calculator to assist in the power system selection process. This RC Boat Calculator calculates anything from Boat speed to power consumed including:

Voltage, Current, Wattage In / Out, Horsepower Output, Motor Efficiency, Estimated Motor Temperature, Speed (km/h / mph), Max Recommended Run Time based on 80% capacity discharged and Other Power system recommendations and Concern.

Visit the RCI FE Boat Calculator Guide for additional information on how to use this calculator.

Please keep in mind that due to the significant amount of unknown variables, it is impossible to achieve a high degree of accuracy. For this reason, if you are unsure of a power system selection, please ask someone with the appropriate experience. You can find someone to ask in a reputable Forum or your local RC Boat club.

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