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Electric Flight


The world of Radio Control Electric Flight is a great hobby for all ages. To be able to build, control and watch these fun flying machines is quite an experience.

Radio Control Airplanes may not be the easiest hobby to get in to. There is quite a learning curve. However, it is well worth it and this section of the site will guide you through all the theoretical information you should need.

Getting Started:

It is advised to seek the assistance of a flight trainer at your Local Radio Control Airplane club before making that first purchase. If it is already too late, it is advised to seek this assistance before the first flight. This will greatly increase your chances of success while lowering the levels of frustration. It combination of a flight trainer, flight simulators on your PC can be very helpfull. Just keep in mind as this does help, it does not replace actual flying experience out in the field. Visit the Electric Flight pages to learn more about each component in RC Planes.

Also, check out the RC Calculator to firm up those specifications or check what level of performance you are achieving.

RC Flight Simulator

Buying an RC Flight Simulator

Ever since they were first created in 1980, the RC flight simulator became popular among RC enthusiasts. At first they were really limited with funky graphics and slow processing time. As time went on they continued to get more and more advanced. Now they have advanced graphics, real life physics and all types of models for …

Multiplex Fun Cub RC Electric Airplane

RC Electric Airplanes – Getting Started

The world of Radio Control – RC Electric Airplanes is a great hobby for all ages. To be able to build, control and watch these fun flying machines is quite an experience. RC Electric Airplanes may not be the easiest hobby to get in to. There is quite a learning curve, however, it is well worth …

Electric Flight RTF ARF

RTF Electric Planes Similar to RTR (Ready to Run), RTF is an acronym for Ready to Fly. Ready to Fly airplanes, may very well be one of the best ways to get a plane in the air quickly. RTF planes help in the sense of making sure the vast majority of the build has been …

Electric Flight Airframe

In Electric flight there are several types of electric flight airframes that offer different flight characteristics. Airframe performance varys by changing drag and lift characteristics. Electric Flight Airframe – SailPlane / Gliders –   Gliders are well known for their ability to fly for several minutes or even over an hour at a time without …

Electric Flight Cell Count

Choosing an Electric Flight cell count or which battery would be best suited for a specific airframe can be difficult. The correct cell count will make it easier to be certain the plane has enough power to fly well as well as not having too much weight in a more powerful unneeded battery pack. battery …

Electric Flight Motor

Electric Flight Motor Terms Before going in to detail, it’s important to understand all the common terms and values assosiated with motors KV – The KV value given to motors represents how many revolutions of the motor shaft will occur per volt. A higher value is typical for lower cell count where a lower KV value …

50A, 6s LiPo Example.

Electric Flight ESC

What is an Electric Flight ESC? An ESC commonly known as electronic speed control regulates the power from the batteries to the motor. It must be properly selected in order to be able to handle the current draw demanded from the motor. It is recommended to choose a high quality ESC. The most common ESC is the …

Electric Flight Propeller

It is important to note that most Electric Flight Propellers in general do not come pre-balanced. In some cases they can be bought at a higher price if one does not wish to do the balancing by hand. The technique to do so after purchase will be described here. Electric Flight Propeller Balancer A prop …

RC Plane Float Design

FLOAT DESIGN THEORY – RC Plane Float Design Placing a set of floats on your current plane may prove to be quite an advantage by further extending your fight experience and potential. Flying off of water and landing back on it takes a few practice runs as there are some differences. Floats are quite easy …

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