RC Gas Boats


Gas Powered Radio Control Boats are steadily increasing in popularity. It started many years ago when weed eater type engines were modified to work well in a Radio Control Gas Boat hull. As more and more people began to make the conversion to be able to run the larger hulls, fully converted engines were on the market for purchase. Eventually this led to a few specific gas engines for RC model boats.Radio Control Gas Boat information

Radio Control – RC Gas Boats are usually on the larger end of the size range for RC Boats in general. They are typically greater than at least one meter or 40″ in length.

Gas engines tend to be less complex than nitro engines in terms of starting and tuning. This alone makes gas powered radio control boats very appealing.

However gas boats being quite large tend to be more costly. But for many, bigger is better and well worth every penny!

Gas Boat Engine

The gas boat engine is the heart of these large high powered boat hulls. Each gas boat engine is easily in excess of 2.0hp and may be well over the 5.0hp mark on fully modified engines. There are a small number of engines available on the market. However, most of the engines can be purchased …

Gas Boat Fuel

Gas Boat fuel used in gas powered boats is much like the fuel used in your car. The fuel is purchased at the same gas station. The big difference lies in the addition of oil in the fuel mix. Many stock engines are safe to use 87 Octane which is typical of regular unleaded fuel …

Gas Boat Maintenance

Performing gas boat maintenance on your hull is the best way to ensure longevity. Gas Boat Maintenance – Engine Maintenance Keeping the engine in the best condition possible is important for maximum lifespan. This mainly deals with long term storage for a gas engine. Or when it will not be run for at least 5+ …

Gas Boat Engine Tuning

Gas Boat Engine Tuning – Terms Two terms that will be used to describe the tuning process are Rich, and Lean. When Rich is referred to, it describes a fuel mixture that has excessive fuel in it. To richen a fuel mixture on the carburetor of the engine, adjust the mixture needle by rotating the …

Gas Boat Tuned Pipe

Gas Boat Tuned Pipe – Introduction It is important to understand the basic function of a tuned pipe and how to get it to do what it is used for. A tuned pipe is best known for its performance boost in 2 stroke internal combustion engines. For radio control boat applications it serves a purpose …

Gas Boat Propeller

Visit the Propeller Database The Gas Boat Propeller of the radio control boat provides all the forward thrust from the power of the engine. Selecting the correct prop takes patience as the only true way to do so is by testing each prop and noting the advantages. As a guideline these are some props from …

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