RC Airplane CogG with Scales Calculator

Distance Between Main Wheels and Nose [A] (mm):
Distance From Main Gear to CogG [B](mm):
Weight on Main Left Wheel (grams):
Weight on Main Right Wheel (grams):
Nose Wheel Weight (grams):
Nose Wheel (Tricycle Gear)

This Center of Gravity calculator is based on being able to determine the individual weight per landing gear. We use this to calculate the Center of Gravity ( CofG ) for a tricycle gear configuration. The tricycle gear configuration consists of one nose wheel and 2 main wheels as shown in the image below.

To get started, we must know the distance between our main landing gear and the nose gear. This value is represented in the image below as “A.” Next we must measure the distance between the main landing gear and the position of the CofG. Watch the video below for a few tips on how to make this easy.

Next, use 3 scales to determine the individual weight at each landing gear. Enter all the values in to the calculator to determine the position of your center of gravity relative to where you expect CofG to be.

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