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Required Servo Torque Calculator - RC Airplane Calculator

Enter the planes maximum airspeed in km/h Enter the Average Chord dimension of the control surface. Enter the Length of the control surface. Select the Maximum Servo Deflection in degrees from neutral/center. Select the Maximum Deflection of the Control Surface in degrees from neutral/center. If the Servo has a full travel of 60 degrees, from center 30 degrees would be entered. If the control surface has a full sweep angle of 40 degrees. From Center or the neutral point, 20 degrees would be entered. The calculator only calculates one control surface per servo. If you are using one servo for two control surfaces, the calculated torque must be doubled. This in many cases is common for the aileron channel.  

Wing Loading and Power Calculator - RC Airplane Calculator

Enter Wing Area, (sq in) Enter Model Weight in oz. Enter Power in Watts NOTE: If Unknown, leave blank. Calculated Values include: Wing Loading, Performance Style, Stall Speed, Typical targeted Peak Speed, Power per pound, performance style according to power.    

Prop Calculations - RC Airplane Calculator



Enter the Prop Diameter and Pitch in inches (in.)
Enter the LiPo cells in series. Example “4”
Enter the motor kv provided by the manufacture
The Tip and pitch speed of the prop is calculated in km/h. The prop noise category is provided. Prop RPM at max speed is predicted.

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