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5 Reasons why the Spektrum iX12 is a Great Radio


I’ve owned the Spektrum iX12 now for well over a year. After tens of hours of ownership and the radio being bound to several models, there are many features and advantages of this radio that stands out. Just for the record, I bought this radio with my own money, and the thoughts shared here are …

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Can the E-Flite 2.1m Carbon Cub Take off from Water on 4s?

The carbon cub was designed to run 6s. After all, this thing has a 2.1m (84in) wingspan. However, the airplane is also designed to operate on 4s and as such is advertised as 4s-6s. With this said, does 4s have enough power to get the E-Flite 2.1m Carbon Cub off the water? While on 6s …

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