Can the E-Flite 2.1m Carbon Cub Take off from Water on 4s?

The carbon cub was designed to run 6s. After all, this thing has a 2.1m (84in) wingspan. However, the airplane is also designed to operate on 4s and as such is advertised as 4s-6s. With this said, does 4s have enough power to get the E-Flite 2.1m Carbon Cub off the water?

While on 6s the power system is able to generate enough power for about 130 watts per pound. However on only 4s LiPo, there is only enough power for approximately 50 watts per pound. The difference is huge.

Here’s the video:

Can the 2.1m Carbon Cub take off from water on 4s LiPo?
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