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How to Set Gear Mesh on an RC Car in 3 Easy Steps

Nearly all RC Cars and Trucks contain meshed gears. Iit is important to properly set gear mesh for optimum performance. Improperly set gear mesh can cause a list of problems with your setup. The good news is that setting the gear mesh of your RC car or vehicle can be done quite easily. The gear …

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Prop Thrust and Pitch – What do they do?

Propeller Pitch and Thrust

It doesn’t matter if you fly RC airplanes or drive RC boats. These vehicles use a propeller ( prop ) and both are affected by each term, Prop Thrust and Prop Pitch Speed. When referring to prop thrust and pitch speed, they both contribute to propeller performance. To be effective, a prop must deliver an …

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How to extend ESC wires correctly

Extending ESC wires can harm the ESC if not done correctly. We explained the sort of phenomenon that is responsible for the troubles. That can be found here in an article titled, “Why extending ESC wires can be harmful.”  Bottom line is that the inductance of the battery input wires can destroy your ESC. You …

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Why extending ESC wires can be harmful

Cutting ESC Wires - Water Hammer Effect

Did you know that extending the wires on your ESC can actually be harmful for your ESC? Yep, it’s true, extending wires on the battery side of the ESC can put a lot more stress on your ESC. This is for brushless motors. Why extending wires can be harmful? Extending your battery wires are only …

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Best C Rating for RC LiPo Battery

2s 860mAh with a C Rating of 35C

Selecting the correct LiPo battery pack for your RC vehicle is not as easy as just selecting the cell count. One of the most important parts of the correct battery pack selection is also considering the C rating. What is the C rating? Well let’s take a look! What is the C Rating? All LiPo …

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