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The Difference between Analog and Digital RC Servos

Analog vs Digital Servos

If you’ve had to ever purchase a servo or replacement servo for your application, you may have stumbled in to these terms. What is the difference between an analog servo and a digital servo? If I were to grab a bunch of digital and analog servos, ripped the labels off and asked for you to …

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5 Reasons why the Spektrum iX12 is a Great Radio


I’ve owned the Spektrum iX12 now for well over a year. After tens of hours of ownership and the radio being bound to several models, there are many features and advantages of this radio that stands out. Just for the record, I bought this radio with my own money, and the thoughts shared here are …

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RC Car Suspension Setup Basics – Caster, Camber, Toe, Oil, Springs

On an RC car there are many components that you can fine tune to see optimal performance for your application. Tuning the suspension setup is just one of those items that should be considered when going for optimal performance. The suspension consists of a handful of different areas that can be fine tuned. If on …

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Brushless Motors the Truth About Waterproof – Sensorless Sensored

In many applications of radio controlled vehicles, the brushless motor may come in contact with water. This could be as significant as being even fully submerged. Some manufactures of radio controlled vehicles advertise right on the box that the RC inside is waterproof. What does this mean? Is the brushless motor in the vehicle really …

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Can the E-Flite 2.1m Carbon Cub Take off from Water on 4s?

The carbon cub was designed to run 6s. After all, this thing has a 2.1m (84in) wingspan. However, the airplane is also designed to operate on 4s and as such is advertised as 4s-6s. With this said, does 4s have enough power to get the E-Flite 2.1m Carbon Cub off the water? While on 6s …

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