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Mono Hull Setup

For a mono hull setup there are several components that are secured to the transom area. Each component is important to properly set up an RC Mono hull boat, and each one serves a different purpose. It is recommended to use the following hardware on a mono hull:

Stinger or Strut Outdrive

A stinger outdrive is more common to an RC Boat Mono Hull. It houses the flex shaft and supports the prop shaft. A strut can be used, however you must make certain the strut is designed to fit a Mono Hull. This means it must be able to mount to the transom and support the  prop shaft . Struts for other hull types sit under the hull which would not work for a Mono Hull. The distance the prop is set away from the hull is  typically around 5-7% of the hull length. This provides good handling and performance characteristics. Struts/Stingers for 3/16” Shafts is most common followed by 1/8” and 1/4” diameter prop shafts.

A hole must be cut in to the transom for the flex shaft to exit the hull. Place the hole as far down in the bottom of the vee as possible. Adjust the drive angle so that it runs parallel with the bottom of the hull as a starting point. Refer to the drawing at the bottom of the page.

Rudder with Water Pickup

A rudder is essential for steering any RC Mono Hull boat. Select one that is best suited for your hull length. Around 15% of the hull length is a good approximation or starting point. It is recommended but not required to select or choose a rudder with a water pickup. If there is no water pickup in the rudder it is recommended to use an external pickup.

Trim Tabs

Trim Tabs are used to control and adjust the ride attitude of a Mono Hull. Lowering the tabs will push the front end of the hull down. This essentially allows the boat to run “wet” which will provide more water contact for steering. The trim tabs must be placed on the hull close to the bottom vee. They are mounted parallel and about 1mm or 2mm above the bottom surface of the Mono Hull.  Refer to the drawing below for proper placement.

Turn Fins

Turn Fins allow the hull to corner more effectively. They provide a pivot pointduring corners. Typically turn fins only come in full contact when the turn is initiated for a Mono Hull. Place the turn fin at the highest point of the bottom surface as shown in the drawing. The fin must be perpendicular to the bottom surface as shown in the drawing.


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