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RTR(Ready to Run) / RTR BOATS

The easiest approach for a new Radio Control Boater is to choose a RTR Radio Controlled Boat. RTR Boats stand for Ready to Run and is a great way for new boaters or users to start out.

Power Sources

There are 3 main power sources for choosing RTR Boats. The current most popular power source for RTR Boats is electric. An electric boat uses batteries that are recharged in about an hour to provide the power to push the boat through the water. The second most popular power source is Gas. A gas powered boat operates on the same fuel that you would buy at your local gas station. Lastly the third most popular power source is nitro fuel. Nitro fuel is also commonly known as glow fuel, nitro or model fuel. It is a mixture containing nitro methane, methanol, oil and anti foaming agents. Nitro Fuel is a powerful blend.

Electric RTR Boats

Electric RTR Boats typically do not come with a charger, Main battery pack to run the motor, nor batteries for the Transmitter. Typically 4-8 AA’s depending on the type of transmitter. These items must be purchased separately.

Nitro and Gas RTR Boats

Nitro and Gas boats typically have everything included except Radio batteries and various small support equipment depending on the model. Typically 4-8 AA batteries for the Transmitter and 4 AA batteries for the Receiver)

Selecting RTR Boats based on power source

The biggest decision at this point is whether to go with an Electric, Nitro or Gas Hull. Each power source has its advantages and disadvantages. A decision should be based on personal preference as well as the following list of advantages for each power source.

Electric Advantages:

Electric power is a clean, quieter source of power. Maintenance on an Electric boat is quite low. Ease of operation is excellent and nearly plug and play. Speed capability is high.

Electric Disadvantages:

Higher Cost when comparing hull length. Requires a charge time for the battery pack. Low run time. Not as acceptable to certain mods, must have an understanding in electrics to start modding.

Nitro Advantage:

 Average run time. Decent RTR speeds. Nitro engine not as easily harmed by water due to hydro lock. Realistic smoke and sounds.

Nitro Disadvantages:

Nitro engines require tuning nearly every first run of the day. They require engine maintenance. There are higher rebuild periods. Usually more support equipment is required. Very loud.

Gas Advantage:

 Large size is appealing. The Gas engine used to propel the hull is easy to operate and requires minimal tuning. Realism in terms of smoke, sound and power. Handles rough water well due to its natural size of the boat hull. Longest Run time of all power systems.

Gas Disadvantage:

 Highest RTR cost due to its overall size. Requires some engine maintenance. Quite Loud.

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