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RTF Electric Planes

Similar to RTR (Ready to Run), RTF is an acronym for Ready to Fly.

Ready to Fly airplanes, may very well be one of the best ways to get a plane in the air quickly. RTF planes help in the sense of making sure the vast majority of the build has been done correctly. This makes it ideal for beginners to the hobby. Although the plane is “Ready to Fly,” this does not mean the RTF plane does not have to be checked over. The plane should be looked at and checked over by an experienced pilot or instructor. Doing so is highly recommended.

ARF Electric Planes

ARF Acronym for Almost Ready to Fly.

Electric Flight RTF ARF Power Source

It is highly recommended that a new pilot starts off with electric powered planes. Starting with electric powered planes ensures there will be increased time focusing on flying vs learning how to start, operate and tune a nitro or gas engine. Electric power is cleaner, often quieter and much more simple to operate. Flying characteristics with a well chosen electric trainer type plane consist of excellent slow speed flight with a properly setup plane. After a new pilot has learned how to fly a plane it would be at this time to seek other forms of power.

Starter Plane

Selecting a first plane is often a challenging feat. Trainer style planes are often not the most desirable due to their sluggish handling and non scale appearance. However certain airframes do allow for modifications even for the more intermediate user.

A highly recommended airplane for a beginner is the Multiplex Easy Star. The plane can be purchased in 3 different levels. This include ARF, almost ready to fly, RTF, Ready to Fly, and Kit form. The RTF version would be the cheapest way to get this plane in the air. It is recommended to purchase this version or the ARF, if you are not comfortable completely assembling the plane. If you are comfortable with assembling the plane, the Kit version is recommended. When purchasing the kit version items such as all radio gear can be selected and also motor, ESC, and battery options can be selected. Upgrading to brushless power is not necessary, however it is recommended. There are many instructors that prefer a plane with decent power to help correct the plane when the student pilot gets in to trouble.

The Multiplex Easy Star 2 is a plane that will allow very slow flight for landings and hand launch ability. The model is very stable in the air and very visible in terms of its relative size with a 54″ wingspan. It will accept 400 size brushless motors up to around 350watts for the more experienced flyer with minor reinforcing and will fly very well with a typical 150 watts system.

Recommended Easy Star Kit Parts:

Multiplex EasyStar2 Kit – 54″ Wingspan
Brushless 1800kv motor – 28mm x 35mm
35A 3s capable ESC for exceptional reliability
3 cell (3s) LiPo 25C 2200mAh
4 Channel 2.4Ghz Radio System – 3 channels could be used without ailerons.
Two Futaba S3010 Servos – One for rudder, one for elevator. two extra servos are required if building with ailerons.

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