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Electric Flight Cell Count

Choosing an Electric Flight cell count or which battery would be best suited for a specific airframe can be difficult. The correct cell count will make it easier to be certain the plane has enough power to fly well as well as not having too much weight in a more powerful unneeded battery pack. battery selection will be selected based on wingspan and airframe type. Quicker flying aerobatic planes will require higher power setups.

For radio control planes, the most common battery configurations fall between 3s to 10s LiPo and capacities typically from 1800 to 3500 mAh.

There will be two charts made. One for slower trainer type airframes and the other for aerobatic sport type planes.

Electric Flight Cell Count- Slower Flight Speeds

Airframe size        Cell count
30-39″                     2s
38-56″                     3s
50-70″                     4s
70-90″                     5/6s
90-105″                   7/8s
105+”                      9/10s

Electric Flight Cell Count – Higher Flight Speeds

Airframe size        Cell count
20-30″                     2s/3s
30-40″                     3s
40-50″                     4s
50-65″                     5/6s
65-80″                     7/8s
80+”                        9/10s

It is important to understand this range of values is just to get you started on finding the right components. It is not uncommon for a selection to be made with in reason outside of the ranges provided. If you are unsure, please visit our forums for any questions you may have or visit the RC Calculator page to determine what power level your system is.

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