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Buying an RC Flight Simulator

Ever since they were first created in 1980, the RC flight simulator became popular among RC enthusiasts. At first they were really limited with funky graphics and slow processing time. As time went on they continued to get more and more advanced. Now they have advanced graphics, real life physics and all types of models for helicopters, planes and even drones.

From my experience they are awesome for RC beginners who have never flown anything before. What’s amazing is that even for the experts with such a real life like experience you can practice your tricks without risking any damage to your helicopter or plane.

RC Flight Simulator

RC Flight Simulator

How the RC Flight Simulator Works?

The software usually comes loaded on a disk or a downloadable program for your computer. Some flight programs are even compatible with your own transmitter such as the Real Flight Sim. I would highly recommend using a program where you can use a transmitter there is no better way of learning and getting used to it. Then it’s as simple as choosing which type of model you would like to use and go on from there.

Notable Differences Between Real Life and the RC Flight Simulator

Now here are some few key differences that you should keep in mind. Although some of the RC flight simulators do include wind they don’t include the random gust that one might face in real life. Also the actual vision might be a bit different, while you can zoom in on your flyer on the computer you can’t do that in real life.

RC Flight Simulator Recommendations?

Some of the big ones on the market are the Great Planes and Phoenix. Realflight is also another popular simulator. With these simulators they feature all the top models from planes, gliders, helicopters, and jets so you have a lot of options to choose from. It becomes really convenient if you also plan on learning how to fly other gadgets.

Now to clear things up. It is not absolutely necessary to get a flight simulator to learn. You can always learn without one. You also won’t be completely ready to fly it by using one. Practice makes perfection so go out there and practice in real life as well!

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