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EDF Brushless Motor

EDF brushless motors are selected primarily on the cell count and the EDF jet unit planned to be used.

Selecting EDF Brushless Motor Size

From knowing the EDF unit, motor can diameter can be determined. The diameter of the can is restricted by the fan units maximum allowable diameter. Common values can be found on the EDF unit page for maximum diameter. It is always best to select the largest allowable diameter for best performance.

The motors can length will be selected based on the general wattage required. Longer cans will typically support more wattage.

Motor Shaft Size

Brushless motors used in EDF jets come in many different shaft sizes. Limiting your selection of motors is the motor shaft diameter. Some EDF units have a couple adapters to fit more than just one shaft size. Be certain the motor you select has the proper shaft size.

Selecting EDF Brushless Motor KV

The KV value is the most tricky selection to make. KV is the value of unloaded RPM created per volt. If this number is too high, you may burn your power system components up. If the number selected is too low, the ducted fan unit may not produce enough thrust for flight. The KV value is determined by your fan type and voltage used. If the fan you use has a high number of blades, a lower KV value is required. A lower number of blades would require a high KV value.

Generally, most EDF units will run between 30000 RPM and 50000 RPM. The following chart is a general guide line for cell count vs kv range. Please understand the range provided is quite large however the range required for your fan unit may be much smaller requiring a very specific KV value. For this reason it is best to select a Kv value specifically based on the actual Fan unit you have.

LiPo Cell KV Range
3 cell LiPo 2700-4500kv
4 cell LiPo 2000-3400Kv
6 cell LiPo 1350-2300Kv
8 cell LiPo 1000-1700Kv
10 cell LiPo 800-1350Kv
12 cell LiPo 675-1120Kv
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