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EDF Jets


Flying Electric Ducted Fan jets is one of the most hands on keep you on your toes and never take your eye of the plane type of flying. EDF jets are fast, maneuverable and just completely awesome!

Electric Ducted Fan Jet Micro
Not only for EDF jets do they perform well but also look great. There are many scale models available in a large range of sizes that vary in cost. There are also sport and trainer type jets that is discussed on the airframe page

Sport type Delta Electric Ducted Fan Jet
There are Disadvantages to know about before diving in to the world of EDF.

EDF jets are very rough on LiPo cells and the rest of the power system. Your LiPo cells must be in great shape to handle the load. These type of jets are not nearly as efficient as prop planes. You can expect more performance at the same power level from a prop powered jet. Many areas and flying fields have noise retrictions. EDF jets are very loud and it will be important that you check out local laws before hand.

EDF Jet component Break Down

An electric ducted fan jets power system is composed of an EDF unit, LiPo battery cells in various combinations, brushless motor, and an electronic speed control. These are the parts that make of the power system.

EDF Airframe

EDF AIRFRAME – RADIO CONTROL Electric Ducted Fan JET Your first major selection in order to get in to EDF Airplanes, is of course choosing the airframe prior to selecting a motor, ESC, LiPo’s. The airframe you choose should be based on goals you wish to reach, flying skill level, building skill level, airplane appearance and so …

EDF Cell Count

EDF CELL COUNT – ELECTRIC DUCTED FAN Each fan combination may support a couple different cell counts. It is important to determine the cell count in order to target specific power and weight goals. Not only are the Cell counts important, but the capacity in mAh is as well. EDF Cell count Cell counts will typically …

EDF Unit

EDF Unit Common Sizes There are only a small number of the most popular sizes for Electric Ducted Fan Jets. The size of the fan to be used is best selected by the size and weight of the Jet. It’s quite simple, larger jets will require large fan units. Fan units range in size and …

EDF Balancing

BALANCING A DUCTED FAN UNIT There are several ways to perform EDF balancing. Regardless of which method is preferred, it is important to understand that EDF units are high powered machines that contain a lot of energy at high speeds. If any of the blades were to break off they become fast moving projectiles. Plan …

EDF Brushless Motor

EDF brushless motors are selected primarily on the cell count and the EDF jet unit planned to be used. Selecting EDF Brushless Motor Size From knowing the EDF unit, motor can diameter can be determined. The diameter of the can is restricted by the fan units maximum allowable diameter. Common values can be found on …

EDF Brushless ESC

An EDF Brushless ESC regulates the power from the batteries to the motor. It must be properly selected in order to be able to handle the current draw demanded from the motor. It is recommended to choose a high quality ESC. The most common ESC is the ICE, ICE HV and ICE LITE series by Castle …

EDF Take Off

GETTING AIRBORNE There are three common methods to an EDF Take Off. They include: ROG ( Rise off Ground ) Hand Launching Bungee Launch We will look at each method in detail below. ROG – Rise off Ground Much like a full scale jet, a ROG take off is one where a long stretch of …

EDF Thrust Tube

Thrust Tube Principles In an electric ducted fan jet, the air flow creates the thrust for forward movement of the plane. This airflow must exit through ducting work in the airplane known as the EDF Thrust Tube. Once the air reaches the fan unit, the motor accelerates the air and pushes it out the rear of …

Known Setups

ELECTRIC DUCTED FAN UNIT – KNOWN POWER SYSTEM SETUPS Please Note: Wattage and Thrust may vary up to +/- 8% due to battery capacity, C rating, accuracy of ratings/tools and age of the LiPo packs. Use the data found in the tables for your own information only. Voltage, Current, Wattage and Thrust (kg) have been …

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