RC Nitro Boats


Radio Control Nitro boats can be a lot of fun once the learning curve is over come. It would be best to read the available information here before heading to the water.

7.5cc Nitro Powered Tunnel Hull

Some of the items you will need before heading to the water include the following
– Glow plug igniter
– Glow plug wrench
– Spare glow plugs – Fuel bottle / Fuel pump
– Starting System, Such as a pullstart or electric starter

If you have items such as an electric Fuel Pump or an Electric Starter it would be a good idea to purchase a good Idea to purchase a Battery that is between 12- 16v. Capacity is important as a greater capacity will allow you to make more starts between runs. Many also like to charge their RX battery off of this main battery as well.

It’s important to understand many of these items do not come with a RTR or Kit form of a nitro boat. Keep this in mind when purchasing or budgeting for a boat.

If looking for more information on RTR nitro Boats, look under the Boat tab and select RTR Boats. If you are building a nitro Powered boat, visit the pages on the left sidebar.

Nitro Boat Break In

A proper nitro boat break in procedure is critical for your nitro rc boat engine. We will first need double check linkages and fuel tubing route. Be certain that when you apply full throttle the carb opens up all the way. When you release throttle on the transmitter so that it rests in the neutral …

Nitro Boat Engine

Selecting the size of a nitro boat engine may seem difficult however it is a lot more simple than for example, electric setups. The nitro engine size required is dependent on mostly hull length. The following chart represents the nitro boat engine size required for a set Hull Length. Length         Cu. in.                    CC’s 20-27″          0.15-0.18 …

Nitro Boat Engine Tuning

Nitro boat engine tuning requires a few steps that must be taken prior to starting. The engine must have already completed the break in process. The engine also must be up to full operating temperature. Terms for Nitro Boat Engine Tuning Two terms that will be used to descibe the tuning process are Rich, and Lean. …

Nitro Boat Fuel

The Radio Control Nitro Boats operate on a special prepared nitro boat fuel. The mixed blend contains several key components to provide the power, lubrication for longevity, and de-foaming action. The nitro fuel can be mixed individually, however it is often much more simple to buy the pre-blended fuel at your local hobby store. This …

Nitro Boat Maintenance

Nitro Boat Maintenance – Engine Maintenance   After each run, one of the easiest things to do for a nitro engine is be sure when the engine comes to rest, that the piston is not in the Top Dead Center of the stroke. Rotating the flywheel so that it rests in the location where you …

Nitro Boat Propeller

Visit the Propeller Database Choosing a Nitro Boat Propeller for a nitro powered boat is easier than choosing a prop for an electric model, for example. As an advantage to Nitro boats, prop selection is a lot more predictable. Ranges can be provided for a nitro hull of any hull type. This immediately allows a …

Nitro Hull Type

There are several different nitro hull types available and a few of them are covered here. Each hull type has a different appearance and also performs differently than the next. The hull in general is selected out of personal preference based on appearance, speed and handling goals. The length of hull greatly effects speed, power …

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