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The Gas Boat Propeller of the radio control boat provides all the forward thrust from the power of the engine. Selecting the correct prop takes patience as the only true way to do so is by testing each prop and noting the advantages.

As a guideline these are some props from a few different manufactures that may work well for the first time you get your hull on the water.

Gas Boat Propeller Guide Chart

ABC – 2514, 2516, 2614, 2616

Octura – X467, X470, X470/3, X670, X472

Prather – S270, S275

Propshop / VooDoo – 6516/3, 6717/3, 7016/3

Advantages: 2 Blade vs. 3 Blade when diameter and pitch are equal

2 Blade
– Higher Top Speed
– Less Load on engine
– Engine will turn higher RPM’s

3 Blade
– Higher thrust / Faster Acceleration
– Increased Stability and cornering
– Higher Lift Characteristics

Each hull will perform differently. These general rules do not always remain constant.


12 Best used for submerged drive Setups. Low Pitch Larger diameter.
X4 are low lift general purpose props
M4 is similar to X4 but with the tongues removed to unload the prop
Y are similar to X series but have 10% more pitch


X5 are similar to X4 with medium lift and more pitch
X6 similar to X4 and X5 with medium-high lift
14 are medium-high lift commonly used for hydros
16 are high lift props for riggers and hydro’s
17 are the highest lift prop for riggers and hydros
P7 are similar to 17 series but more rake and slightly less lift
19 are high lift for riggers and hydro’s
V9 are moderate lift and high puitch suitable for riggers, hydros and SAW racing
20 are moderatley high lift with high pitch suitable for riggers and hydros
21 are high lift for riggers and hydro’s
22 are high lift, highest pitch surface drive only good straight line speed


All general Purpose Props with Pitch ratio’s near 1.5 ranging from 1.5 to 1.6

S270 –
S275 –
S280 –

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