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Gas Boat Fuel

Gas Boat fuel used in gas powered boats is much like the fuel used in your car. The fuel is purchased at the same gas station. The big difference lies in the addition of oil in the fuel mix.

Many stock engines are safe to use 87 Octane which is typical of regular unleaded fuel used in many vehicles today. Modified engines may require the use of 91 Octane or premium fuel used in some vehicles. If you are unsure of which octane fuel rating to use, please refer to the manufactures engine manual.

Once the fuel is purchased, the correct amount of oil must be added. Two stroke oil is required, a synthetic blend is available and recommended but not required.

The fuel to oil ratio may range between 15:1 – 35:1. If unsure of the exact ratio required for your specific engine, please consult your manufactures engine manual.

Refer to the RC Calculator to calculate how much oil to add to the specific amount of fuel you have purchased.

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