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To select the motor best suited for a Radio Control Car or Truck, it is important to know the size of the model and amount of LiPo cells planned to be used. Size of the RC vehicle will determine the size of motor needed to push the weight. For motors this is often best represented by the amount of weight of the motor itself. Cell count will determine the wind, or more specifically the KV of motor needed.

After reading and understanding the rest of this page or if you still can not determine the best motor for your specific vehicle, you may try out the Car/Truck Setup calculator. You will need to know the number of teeth for the gearing in your transmission. This will help determine which exact motor, cell count and ESC will work well for you! View the following link by clicking the photo below to use the Radio Control Car/Truck Setup Calculator.

Radio Control Car/Truck Setup Calculator

Motor Size determined by Weight

1/5 scale will use motors around 30+ oz. in weight
1/8 scale will use motors around 12-20 oz. in weight
1/10 scale will use motors around 6-12 oz. in weight
1/18 scale will use motors around 2 oz. in weight

Motor KV

To determine the best suited Kv for a motor, the cell count planned to be used is needed. Following this chart will provide a wide-ranging base for proper kv selection.


LiPo Cell KV Range
2 cell LiPo 4000-6800Kv
3 cell LiPo 2500-4500kv
4 cell LiPo 1500-3500Kv
6 cell LiPo 1200-2500Kv
8 cell LiPo 800-1500Kv
10 cell LiPo 650-1350Kv
12 cell LiPo 550-1000Kv


This is loosely based on an RPM range and in some cases some may choose a kv outside of these ranges.

An Off Road RC Truck will typically run the Kv’s listed on the lower end of the range for increased torque
An On Road RC Car will typically run the Kv’s listed on the higher end of the range. For greater power output potential.

In any and all cases, be certain to choose the proper gearing. Too tall of a gear ratio may burn the motor.

Higher Quality motors will run higher Kv within the range listed.
Lower Quality motors will run lower kv within the range listed.

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