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Radio Control Gyro

Radio Control Gyro Definition

The definition of a Radio Control Gyro is a device that senses change in angular motion of its base at right angles to the spin axis. This results in a device that can assist in control to keep a model moving in a straight line. This is most commonly used in Radio Control Airplanes.

How a Radio Control Gyro works

Aiding in the ability of control, a Gyro works well because of its ability to sense change in motion even when the pilot or driver would have not. When the Gyro senses motion changes, it immediately provides the necessary correction.  The process from sensing to correction occurs much quicker than a human pilot or driver could react or even notice it. This provides much smoother flights, easier landings due to optimal control at slow speed, excellent level high speed passes and more.

How a Radio Control Gyro is used

The Gyro device consists of a small box that is typically smaller than the size of a receiver. It is placed between the receiver channel and servo it will be operating. The instruction manual will guide you through the proper orientation the Gyro must be in as well as the necessary settings on the device.

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