Measuring Speed for all RC Models

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Being able to measure the speed of your Radio Control Model may be important by many. I know my most favourable recorded value is definitely SPEED. The faster, the more thrilling. However, some of you may be wondering how is this possible? How do people determine the speed of their models?

It’s not like an RC Model has a speedometer with a needle that can be read, or does it?

Well not entirely, but fairly close. The majority of people use devices that do not measure speed in real time available that second, however there is units out there that will do this.

There are 3 main sources for determining speed. This includes a Radar Gun, GPS, Or a Logger.


Radar Gun – Measuring Speed RC Models



A popular Radar Gun is one from the Bushnell Series. It is used by holding the trigger down while aiming at the RC model. The advantages of this, is it does not take up any room on the RC model itself. However, it must be used by a seperate person holding the gun.

In most cases it is best to have the RC model passing by your location. A small model may make it more difficult getting a correct reading. And also a model that is more difficult to drive close to the individual holding the gun, will make it that much harder to get an accurate reading. A radar gun only serves one purpose, to measure the speed of an object moving towards or away from you.




GPS Receiver – Measuring Speed RC Models


This source of measuring Radio Control Model Speed may be a bit more popular for many. The Garmin etrex is just one of the smaller hand held units that do a great job. The advantages of a GPS unit is it can record a max speed throughout the entire run vs a Radar gun which is just one pass. The GPS will log the entire route and has trip data, visual path data, and some additional data. The size of the unit makes it more difficult to fit into smaller models. I have used this in 1/8th scale on road, most boats, and in a few larger planes. The Garmin Foretrex is just as popular as this model however it has a sleeker smaller case and can be mounted in some locations easier.

Disadvantages include its limitations to certain models, and the fact it must be mounted securely in the RC model.




Data Logger – Measuring Speed RC Models


Similar to a GPS, Eagle Tree Systems provide a unit that has an expandable GPS add on. The first item needed is the Data Logger as pictured. To read more on this visit –Measuring Electricity.

The add on GPS module plugs in to the Data Logger. It has the capability to log the models speed in real time. This device may output a graph so not only do you receive max speed, you also get to see where it achieved maximum speed. It’s Disadvantages include having to use two devices at the same time. This may be difficult to mount as they do not have a hard case. However for this reason, everything is kept extremely light making it excellent for RC Airplanes, Cars, or Boats. The capabilities are quite high as it is not only used for determining speed.



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