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RC Calculators

Radio Control Calculator

The Radio Control RC Info Calculator can calculate anything from speed, Power type, to watts per pound for Radio Control RC Boats, Planes and Cars.

Visit the specific RC – Radio Control Section on the above menu bar for more information or to learn how to get the most out of each calculator.

RC General Calculator
– Calculate Max Run Time / average current by providing information based on a shorter duration test.
– Calculate amount of oil to use for a Gas / Oil Mixture.

RC Gear Calculator

– Determine the Diametral Pitch or Metric Module of your gears to determine the needed type of mating gear.

RC Airplane Calculator
– Calculate wing loading, performance style, watts per pount, stall speed, best targeted peak speed
– Determine the amount of torque required on a control surface for selecting proper servo. Based on max speed, surface area and degree of deflection
– Predict Propeller pitch speeds, tip speeds, and prop noise factor.

RC Boat Calculator
– Calculate prop pitch from diameter and pitch ratio
– Predict Speed of Brushless electric powered boat and nitro/gas powered boat
– Confirm a conservative prop selection for a brushless powered electric boat

If you are a new boater who has read all the pages in the Fast Electric section and are still having trouble selecting a Power system / setup or just want additional ideas – Give this fast electric boat setup, power system application a try.

fast electric boat setup, power system calculator

RC Car/Truck Calculator
– Predict Speed for a Brushless Powered Car or Truck
– Predict Speed for a nitro powered Car or Truck


Enter Values in to the empty cells. To complete another calculation, first select the Reset Button to reset all cells. Keep in mind there are minimal checks for incorrect input values. Incorrect Input values will Result in Incorrect Output Values.

All the calculators found on the left hand side bar are for general assistance only. Please use the information wisely and safely. Use at your own Risk.

Car Truck Specs

Car/Truck Specs

Float Plane Calculator

  Enter the values as described below and explained on the Float Design Theory page.Output values will be in the same units as you have entered them in. Do not enter a value in mm and the other in inches. Check your unit of measurement correctly below. Float Plane Calculator Metric (mm) Imperial (Inches) Plane …

RC Airplane Calculator

Required Servo Torque Calculator – RC Airplane Calculator Speed (Km/h) Chord (cm) Length (cm) Servo Deflection 10 Degrees15 Degrees20 Degrees25 Degrees30 Degrees35 Degrees40 Degrees45 Degrees50 Degrees Surface Deflection 10 Degrees15 Degrees20 Degrees25 Degrees30 Degrees35 Degrees40 Degrees45 Degrees50 Degrees Required Torque (oz-in.) Recommended Torque (oz-in.) Enter the planes maximum airspeed in km/h Enter the Average Chord …

RC Boat Calculator

Check out the new RC boat Calc!!! – RCI FE Boat Calc Please Share by hitting a button at the top or bottom of the page! Brushless Speed Prediction – RC Boat Calculator KV Cells (in series) Drive Motor(s) SingleTwin Prop Octura X432Octura X632Octura X435Octura X437Octura X637Octura X438Octura X440Octura X640Octura X442Octura X642Octura X445Octura X645Octura X447Octura …

RC Boat Propeller Database

The RC Boat Propeller Database will allow you to search for specific RC Boat propellers. You may search by diameter, performance, Prop Hub Bore, number of blades, Manufacture and more. Selecting the best RC Boat propeller for your application is often quite challenging, however with such a large selection of the rc boat propeller this …

RC Car Calculator

Brushless Electric Estimated Speed Calculator – RC Car Calculator Motor KV LiPo Cells Pinion # Teeth Spur # Diff Pinion # Spur # Tire Diameter (mm) Speed (km/h) (mph) Enter the Brushless Motor KV value. RPM’s per volt Enter the LiPo cells in series Enter the amount of teeth for the pinion gear and spur …

RC Charger Wattage Calculator

Required Charger Wattage – RC Charger Wattage Calculator Battery Cells in Series 1S (3.7v)2s (7.4v)3S (11.1v)4S (14.8v)5S (18.5)6S (22.2v)7S (25.9v)8S (29.6v)9S (33.3v)10S (37.0v)11S (40.7v)12S (44.4v) Battery Capacity (mAh) Charge Rate in terms of “C” 1C2C3C4C5C6C7C8C Number of Battery Packs OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEight Enter the battery capacity in mAhSelect other Paramaters and then click Calculate!     Max …

RC EDF Calculator

Output after Submission button is clicked will appear above. Enter the values as described on the thrust tube page.Output values will be in the same units as you have entered them in. Do not enter a value in mm and the other in inches. The Case diameter will always be larger than the Hub Diameter.

RC Gear Calculator

RC General Calculator

Amperage and Max run time – RC General Calculator Battery Capacity (mAh) Capacity Recharged (mAh) Run Time (s) Average Amperage (A) Max Run Time (s) Enter the battery capacity in mAh Enter the battery capacity replaced when your battery is recharged. Enter the run time in seconds. Best to run RC Model at Full Throttle. …

RC LiPo Battery Power & Configuration Calculator

The power and configuration calculator has been created to assist models in making sure they have all the information they require to purchase application matching battery packs. You may use the calculator to simply run through all the specifications for either one battery pack or two battery packs! To use the RC LiPo Battery Power & …

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