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Hull Selection

Not sure which hull is best suited for you based on your goals and operating conditions? The FE brushless motor, ESC and prop selector application will also determine which hull type or style is best suited for you.

Motor, ESC, and Prop Selection

It is not an easy task selecting this combination to power your hull. The boat power system selector application will help guide you towards a possible combination for your hull by helping you choose a brushless motor, ESC and prop.

Select a brushless motor, esc and prop for your fast electric boat.

How does it work?

The boat power system selector application works in 3 easy steps. First you will have the option to either select your brushles motor, esc, and prop by entering a hull type or by using the first submission box to determine the best suited hull type. Next, you will be asked to choose the components that you wish to use. This is for the brushless motor and ESC selection. Lastly, you will receive the results.

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Developed By: Ryan Trautmann | V2.0