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RC Car Suspension Setup Basics – Caster, Camber, Toe, Oil, Springs

On an RC car there are many components that you can fine tune to see optimal performance for your application. Tuning the suspension setup is just one of those items that should be considered when going for optimal performance. The suspension consists of a handful of different areas that can be fine tuned. If on …

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How to make your RC Car Faster

Increase top Speed of your RC Car

If you are anything like me, you are probably wondering what you can do to make your RC car faster. Then you complete your first modification and run the RC car for a few days. That is the point in time where you wonder can I make it go even faster. This process never gets …

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How to Set Gear Mesh on an RC Car in 3 Easy Steps

Nearly all RC Cars and Trucks contain meshed gears. Iit is important to properly set gear mesh for optimum performance. Improperly set gear mesh can cause a list of problems with your setup. The good news is that setting the gear mesh of your RC car or vehicle can be done quite easily. The gear …

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How to measure gear pitch on an RC Car

You could have just bought that used RC Car right off of some website selling used RC’s. Or maybe you can’t find an instruction manual for your 5 year old RC car. Now you want to upgrade your gearing, however you are unsure of the gear pitch you need to buy. Well in my case, …

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Differential Fluid Performance in RC vehicles

Differential Fluid added to an RC Car differential

Differential Oil Different Differential oils provide different performance characteristics. These characteristics can be controlled by the different weights of oil placed in to the differential. The weight of a differential fluid is determined by the viscosity of the fluid. A higher viscosity represents a higher weight oil. Weightings can range anywhere from the low thousands …

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