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The Difference between Analog and Digital RC Servos

Analog vs Digital Servos

If you’ve had to ever purchase a servo or replacement servo for your application, you may have stumbled in to these terms. What is the difference between an analog servo and a digital servo? If I were to grab a bunch of digital and analog servos, ripped the labels off and asked for you to …

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Prop Thrust and Pitch – What do they do?

Propeller Pitch and Thrust

It doesn’t matter if you fly RC airplanes or drive RC boats. These vehicles use a propeller ( prop ) and both are affected by each term, Prop Thrust and Prop Pitch Speed. When referring to prop thrust and pitch speed, they both contribute to propeller performance. To be effective, a prop must deliver an …

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Torque vs Horsepower

Torque vs Horsepower Curve - Nitro-Gas Engine vs ELectric Motor

In this article we are going to look at Torque vs Horsepower and settle that debate once and for all. We will be focusing in on how these terms work for us in the RC hobby. Many questions that you may see pop up or often question yourself in the world of RC are the …

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RC Tools – The must have Tools

CA Glue

This is one topic that often goes unspoken about. Today we will look at the common tools to keep in your tool box. Last minute tuning or adjusting of your RC vehicle is very common just before you are about to fly your plane or drive you Car or Boat. The RC tools that you …

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RC Racing – RC Boat and Car Racing

RC On Road racing

What is RC racing? Radio Control – RC racing is a fun filled, adrenaline pumping hobby that can burn a day away very quickly. RC racing exists for each type of RC vehicle. This includes RC planes, cars and boats. For each type of RC vehicle there are a bunch of different RC racing classes …

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