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Why extending ESC wires can be harmful

Cutting ESC Wires - Water Hammer Effect

Did you know that extending the wires on your ESC can actually be harmful for your ESC? Yep, it’s true, extending wires on the battery side of the ESC can put a lot more stress on your ESC. This is for brushless motors. Why extending wires can be harmful? Extending your battery wires are only …

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Best C Rating for RC LiPo Battery

2s 860mAh with a C Rating of 35C

Selecting the correct LiPo battery pack for your RC vehicle is not as easy as just selecting the cell count. One of the most important parts of the correct battery pack selection is also considering the C rating. What is the C rating? Well let’s take a look! What is the C Rating? All LiPo …

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How to determine when a LiPo Battery is DEAD

Measuring RC LiPo cell internal resistance (IR)

It’s known that like most things in life, LiPo batteries do not last forever. Eventually, LiPo batteries degrade to a point which makes them become unusable for your application.  The real question is, how do you know when an RC LiPo Battery is DEAD? Did you know that using a dead battery can actually be …

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Brushless Inrunner vs Outrunner motor?

Brushless Outrunner Motor Windings

There are many options that we have for RC brushless motors regardless of the application. Motor come in many sizes to fit certain power ranges. One of the biggest factors that could effect your brushless motor purchase, is a brushless inrunner option or a brushless outrunner. Which motor option would you choose, inrunner or outrunner? …

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Cutting Brushless Motor Wires

Often times the question of motor wires is asked. The exact wire in question is the three motor wires that exit the can of the motor. They can be up to several inches in length down to only an inch or so from the can of the motor. Many would like to know if it …

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