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Brushless Motors the Truth About Waterproof – Sensorless Sensored

In many applications of radio controlled vehicles, the brushless motor may come in contact with water. This could be as significant as being even fully submerged. Some manufactures of radio controlled vehicles advertise right on the box that the RC inside is waterproof. What does this mean? Is the brushless motor in the vehicle really …

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Most important tool every RC Electric Hobbyist must have

The most important tool that every RC Electric Hobbyist must own is a temp (temperature) gun of some sort! You ask why? Well it will save you lots of money, that is why. It doesn’t matter if you build your RC models or don’t. Having a temp gun in your toolbox will certainly help out. …

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Application of using High or Low Motor / ESC Timing

Applications of High and Low Motor Timing

Most hobbyists who operate electric RC vehicles understand that motor timing can be controlled. The questions is how many actually change the timing of their setup? If you haven’t already read the article on timing, click the link to view the article. Do you have to change timing? The short answer to this question is …

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Timing Explained for Brushless Motor and ESC’s

Castle Creations CHEAT MODE

Timing is critical to a brushless motors operation. Without the correct amount of timing, a brushless motor may not operate efficiently or even at all. We will be exploring timing for brushless motors in this article. A few key focuses will be on what does brushless motor timing refer to, advantages of low and high …

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Comparing Combustion Engine and Brushless Motor Performance Fundamentals

Combustion engines and brushless motors serve the same purpose in the radio controlled scene. The purpose of these two technologies is to provide the main source of mechanical power to drive our boats, planes and cars forward. In this comparison we will be looking at  4 different parameters. These parameters will include output RPM, physical …

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