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LiPo Battery, Motor and ESC Selection

It is not the easiest task selecting a combination for your Radio Control Car or Truck. This power system selection application will help guide you towards a possible LiPo Battery and Motor/ESC combination for your RC vehicle. The number of teeth provided for your pinion gear will be assumed as the stock pinion. The motor system will be selected based on that pinion only. As always, it is important to monitor heat in order to maintain maximum reliability.

How does it work?

Selecting the combination for your Radio Control Car or Truck works in 3 easy steps. First you will enter details of your RC vehicle. Next, you will be asked to choose the components that you wish to use. This is for the brushless motor and ESC selection. Lastly, you will receive the results.

Before use, it is recommended to read over
every topic covered in the Brushless RC Car/Truck section.


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Clicking on the above "Get Started" button indicates that you as the user understand this application is intended for information only. It is up to the user to be certain their power system selection is safe and reasonable. If unsure, ask in our forum.



Developed By: Ryan Trautmann | V2.0